Do It Yourself

Narrow Gauge 1/4" passenger train

As my 2-8-0 shall haul a long passenger train consisting of longer cars than the standard On30 cars one can purchase - self-making is requested. Also I can call a new toy my own: A Darklylabs A3 Laser-Cutter - so I have just to draw the parts as a vectors graph and send...
Sure its not that simple, but hey, here is the progress:

0n30 coach
Drawing, based on a plot found in the www of the Westwood Sumpter Vally Passenger Car Kit (H0n3)

0n30 coach
a test cut of the two side-layers - have to adjust the cutter parameters a bit...

0n30 coach
tin castings of the trucks

0n30 coach
proto typing....

0n30 baggage car
test cut of the baggage car

laser cut 0n30 baggage car
car steps - left after laser-cutting the cardboard - right: glued together

laser cutter 0n30 baggage car
car steps glued to the baggage car platform side

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