Paper Plants

The Monstera Deliciosa

The combination of a laser or inkjet printer and a laser cutter opens up great possibilities. This is the first attempt to combine the two processes. I quickly drew some monstera leaves in a vector drawing software (a photo of my real plant was the template). The whole thing was then coloured and printed at the right scale.

O scale plants

The vector drawing is also used to calculate the laser path....

0 scale plants

The first idea was to glue 0.8mm wire to the leaves and mount them in the model landscape.

mini paper plants

Well - it is a possibility - but needs a lot of time, the wire should also be painted...

minitaur papier pflanzen

In the second attempt, I connected a few leaves in the middle - thus creating a whole plant.


After removing the surrounding paper parts, the leaves and stems can be placed in the desired position. Unfortunately, the laser was set a little too weak in this attempt, so the cuts are not quite clean.

Paper PlANTS

Nevertheless, "planted" on a rock, the work makes quite a convincing impression.


For all those who have access to a printer and laser cutter: Here you can download a color map.

Paper plants

And here you can find the corresponding laser path of a plant as PDF. Please remember for both files: commercial use is prohibited. For questions please contact me at